Missed Out On Wagon Park’s Final Gig For 2016? Here’s What You Missed

Missed Out On Wagon Park’s Final Gig For 2016? Here’s What You Missed

When Wagon Park throws their own concert, there’s bound to be more than just a roll of the good times, here’s a few memorable moments from the night that was the 23rd at The Keg, excel world.

The Herb & The Remedy kicked things off with an all original set.

And then there was more

When Paranoid Earthling got on stage they announced a change in the band and then proceeded to rock out (*this footage contains unpredictable moments xD)

A few Wagon Park moments

They dropped new music

Got Thushara Kulatunga (Sakwala Chakraya / Karmic Sulpher) on stage

and had that epic onstage collaba moment with Suresh of Stigmata & Mirshad Buckman (Paranoid Earthling) for their cover of ‘Knockin On Heavens Door


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