Kanishka Peiris Releases New Music

Kanishka Peiris Releases New Music

Sunday saw the premiere of Kanishka Peiris’s (KALM & S.E.X.) debut studio single on TNL Radio’s Criminal Records Most Wanted and we had to catch up with the singer, songwriter, bad ass vocalist for a Q&A.

DecibelLk: About ‘Ignite’

Kanishka : The single was a riff that was just stuck in my head ..it was composed & written by me and was selected as one of the backing track for the CNNgo special on Sri Lanka. The song is about pure energy, where obstacles don’t matter just good ol badass rock n roll!!

DecibelLK: Does this mean you are going solo for a while?

Kanishka : This just means that I’m experimenting on my potential as a solo artist and I plan on doing some original music as one but never gonna leave playing in bands, just love it too much!

DecibelLK: Who are you performing with these days?

Kanishka: I perform with my band KALM that comprises of Mike, Gavin , Arosha and Charith, but more on the solo..there might be some interesting collaborations in the future, fingers crossed =).

DecibelLK: How would you describe the pub/cover band scene in cmb

Kanishka: It’s not that great, creativity is something that cannot be contained, which a lot of pubs in cmb are trying to do. You basically cannot ask the musician to play what the venue wants or for dirt cheap prices, personally I believe that it’s not the Musicians duty to bring in a crowd, it’s the pub’s duty to build a great ambience have good food and drinks to attract a crowd. The musician is there to entertain whoever comes to the venue, they should treated in a proper manner and paid fairly based on quality and not on appearance.

DecibelLk: How’s 2017 looking for you?

Kanishka: 2017 looks good for some original music releases. This year commemorates 10 years of me being in the music scene, so will be looking at putting out some originals which has been written by me throughout the years.

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