Catching Up With Dimuth K On The Moola Meditation Remix & More

Catching Up With Dimuth K On The Moola Meditation Remix & More

Last Friday saw one of Colombo’s names from the DJ/Producer circuit drop a pretty sick remix of Moola Meditation by Sudha & Maneesh De Moor, this has garnering the support of Hernan Cattaneo & a few other names from the global circuit. He’s upto a few things and catching up we did!

DecibelLk: About the remix & how’d it happen? 

Dimuth K : When I first came across the original track of ‘Moola Meditation’ I instantly found it very peaceful to listen to, especially the chant that is so captivating. I thought a voice like that would work well on a breakdown of a track, so I grabbed the elements of the original that I really liked and approached it in the same way I would any other remix. A track with a nice groove would always compliment a euphoric breakdown and have an impact on the dance floor. This is pretty much how this unofficial edit of ‘Moola Meditation’ came to be!

DecibelLK: How do you feel about having supported by quite a few heavyweights from the global underground scene?

Dimuth K: Its really amazing to see Producers & DJ’s that I’ve always looked up to or have got an abundance of inspiration from playing and truly appreciating my work. Honestly, I just feel truly humbled by it.

DecibelLk: Whats next for you as a producer/ DJ?

Dimuth K: Consistently working on new material is something that is a driving force for me as a producer. I’ve been working on several new tracks recently, so some very exciting releases lined up in the months to come.

DecibelLk: About THE BLUEPRINT, when is the next event?

Dimuth K: We will be back this December to kick off the season 🙂 More news about the event will be announced soon. Very exciting times ahead!

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