Catching Up Eshan Of Twisted Minit

Catching Up Eshan Of Twisted Minit

TNL Onstage fans would remember Twisted Minit as one of the few rap/hip hop groups that took the stage over with some very fierce lyrics and vocal power. They may be oceans apart in 2017, but that hasn’t stopped one of them from getting back into the scene. Natasha Rathnayaka’s collaba with Eshan ‘Set You Free’ hit number 1 last week on Sri Lanka’s Biggest Home Music Countdown – YES Home Grown Top 15 and we had to catch up with the rapper for a quick one on one on the collaba and more.

DecibelLk: It’s good to hear you doing music again and what a comeback with the collaba you are on? How does it feel to have such a response?

Eshan: It was a blessing to working with Natasha who is a very hardworking and talented musician. Never did I expect such a humble and down to earth personality from a big star celebrity artist like herself.

We knew from the beginning that this track will do well because it is unique, but never expected it to be a chart topper in a week!

It feels pretty amazing when your music is being appreciated by so many listeners. A chart rank t is just a number, and as a genuine artist, what matters to me the most is knowing that each submitted request to bring us to the top of the chart was made possible by someone who liked the song and wanted to listen to it again- I think that’s pretty cool.

DecibelLk: What’s the state of Twisted Minit?

Eshan: Well, Twisted Minit is not one person. It’s my crew- AQ and Momo from the Middle East, Kaush from Canada and myself from the US. Right now we are making music with local artists in our areas, building up a network.

So far, we’ve had DJs playing our songs in some of the local clubs and now we are at that chapter of taking on any gig that comes our way.

TM is Sri Lankan to the core- we do not limit ourselves to making English songs. In time, you will get to hear us drop some sick Sinhala rhymes.

DecibelLk: Are you thinking of producing music solo under the name Twisted Minit?

Eshan: That simple question has a complicated answer. Twisted Minit is a part of Outcrop Productions, which is where our melodies come from. Of course there will be Twisted Minit solos, but our main focus is to get the best out of each melody which sometimes requires collaboration.

DecibelLk: What can fans expect from you?

Eshan: What they can expect from us is soulful music. We don’t make music to cater the demand; we make music from our core. That’s what we’re all about!

Keep tab of Twisted Minit here

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