Wakhan Thanka’s Nim Nathi

Wakhan Thanka’s Nim Nathi

we had the privilege to see them live last year at Mosh.Scream.Rock and were impressed by them that could be hailed as the first Sinhala grunge band. we don’t know how popular they are in the Sinhala market but we love what we hear and see and recommend you to check em out if you ever get the chance to.

Their  video is produced by the same producer responsible for DuckDog’s debut video “Yaka” Amila Galappaththi and is such a good watch, but one thing though..what’s with the wolf?

Avant Garde, cuz the good lord knows that we all scream, down with the mediocre productions that go down these days! We’re not dissing anyone for the creative type of videos, just the painful Mal Mal ones.

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