Thriloka’s Newest “Kuveni Asne” Needs Your Help

Thriloka’s Newest “Kuveni Asne” Needs Your Help

And in all fairness to a band that does not wanna opt for a record label, we think fans should make this happen!

In a message on IndieGoGo earlier this week, Eshantha Peiris posted this

While we have worked with record labels in the past (with 3 albums to our name), this time around we have decided to bypass corporate bureaucracy in favour of making our music directly accessible to our fans. Yes, we are recording and releasing a track for free digital download 🙂 However, recording costs money, and this is why we are requesting small financial contributions from you, in order to cover our production costs.

Only one track? Yes, but it will be at least 20 minutes long 🙂 It’s going to be based on the “Kuweni Asne” lament, from the Sri Lankan up-country “Kohomba Kankariya” ritual. (the video above is from our second rehearsal for this project)

Our production cost of $800 basically consists of fees for studio rental (3 sessions), recording engineer, mixing, and mastering. Any shortage of funds will come from our pockets, and any excess of funds will go into our pockets… such is the life of freelance professional musicians…

Any contribution – no matter how small – will go a long way in helping us finance this production; however, we are happy that we can offer some unique “perks” (see the right-hand column on this page) that we hope may entice you to donate more generously.

We look forward to returning to the studio as a group to document our next step as a band, and we hope that you will join us on this exciting journey. Thank you in advance, and please share this crowd-funding campaign with people you know!


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