The Trance Space Of Sri Lanka

The Trance Space Of Sri Lanka

Trance has always and forever had it’s own underground or radio loyal, legions of fans in Lanka as evident at Above & Beyond’s concert in 2012 (STOMP) and listenership ratings most channels gain out of broadcasting canned shows like Another State Of Trace or The Future Sounds Of Egypt etc..

Live scene-wise, it’s sadly non existent even though there were attempts by a few event companies (including EDM City) to have gatherings with Dj’s who are proper trance-heads, that being said…even with a lack of ground support, there were those who made their stamp on radio and on the interwebs and here’s a handful of the notables.



This 20 something producer hails from Kurunegala – a region only known for its coconuts & rubber. This self taught pioneer (from his region) even went onto being in the running for an award (Best Electronica Track Category) at the first YES Home Grown Awards in 2013 for this – his radio debut (United Tribes) that was on two local music countdowns as well: The YES Home Grown Top 15 (remained a top 10 hit) & Criminal Records Most Wanted (#1 for 4 weeks)

His current job as a software programmer has kept him super busy and his last release (Temple Of Light) was a year back. He might make a comeback, just not anytime soon.

Blame it on Duminda’s  job 😉 (yes, duminda is his real name)

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Eranga Jayawansa 


Everyone in the 2000’s knew Eranga Jayawansa as the producer behind this hit by Ashanthi

Come 2012, he made a not so expected comeback with his ethnic RnB remix of Zedd & Foxes hit ‘Clarity’ entering the YES Home Grown Top 15 (thanks to his friend Porty Ushan submitting the single) & dropping out, only to re-enter and take over the number 1 spot.

The track features samples off a table sample pack he created himself, cool right?

If that wasn’t an indicator of something big, his first proper trance single featuring Tricia McTeague on Vandit Records made him something of  deal.

Do you know of any other Lankan who’s had a single being released thru Paul van Dyk’s record label? we thought as much…moving on.

Fast forward into the future, hes worked with a bunch of brilliant international vocalists ranging from Mark Frish, Sarah Russell to Carri, producers like LTN, & Mino Safy and has even had talent like Manuel Rocca remix his singles.

Also his music gets its release on Sir Adrian Music.

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Sammy Chanddrasiri aka Avenger needs to be discovered!

That being said, his trance is not for everyone – his productions are hard core and not for those that are in need of a happy, light trippy listen..his recent Ep ‘Hyperspace’ is testament to the classic Trance sound he still produces.

He’s been featured a number of times on ‘Another State Of Trance’ by Armin Van Buuren too

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Christian Q & Shokstix

PicMonkey Collage

Christian Q was once a bassplayer for Mean Green Machine (YES All Stars..who remember’s that talent comp?), after the band disbanded during the mid 2000’s..Christian found himself going a different direction: Producing Trance.

From humble starts as a bedroom producer in 2010 / 2011 (Super Solider / Lantern) he made a mark for himself producing & Dj-ing and you seldom now find him doing music without Aravinda Wimalasiri & Eren Akyalcin aka Shokstix.

we couldn’t find ‘Super Soldier’ but here’s ‘Lantern’

Did you know that he’s even played for festivals like ‘Sunset’?

The collaborative that is Christian Q & Shokstix have done everything from remixes to stellar re-workings of geekdom themes (Halo / 300 / Game Of Thrones) to even having their work getting the JayTech touch…expect to hear a few different genres.

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The second name from Kurunegala is another trance head and is best friends with Thricona! They’ve done everything trance related together – from little residence based trance parties to mixing and mastering sessions..though this 20 something year old is currently in Japan for studies, we’ve heard that he does play a few parties.

Buddhi Achalanka Bandara aka Anthra has only had 2 singles under his belt, we’re hoping for more.*fingers crossed.

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