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New Music : Livin’ in LA – Buddhi de Mal featuring J-Nil (AI Lyric Video)

Sri Lanka has it’s second AI generated music video – this time around it’s the official lyric video for Buddhi De Mal’s newest that features rapper J-NiL. Released on the

New Music : Lakshane – taste. (Official Music Video)

Released on Wednesday comes this all new music video / single by the prolific Lakshane. Known for his hit singles “Empty’, ‘Ariana’ & ‘Risk It All’, ‘taste.’ is lyrically a

News : Atton His Number 1 With ‘Infatuation Alps’

Artist Atton was back not too long ago with his all new single ‘Infatuation Alps’. Thursday the 30th of March, saw the single being the biggest jumper on the countdown,

New Music : Noiyse Project – Not In My Road

Producer & Dj Noiyse Project has been busy! While not playing in Pakistan and Bali, he’s been busy cooking up some seriously good music and while his latest gets dropped

New Music : Zany Inzane – Mejores Amigos(Interlude)

Taken off his album ‘Kushcobar’ comes this all new single by rap powerhouse Zany Inzane. ‘Mejores Amigos’ (Interlude) comes packed with some seriously real moments!

New Music : Ukusu Wannama – Flecan & Azim Ousman (Spectrum Video)

Released on the 20th of March comes this all new take of the traditional Wannama. Produced by an all new electro producer duo from the island’s growing music scene Flecan,

New Music : Chanuka Mora – Kanda Gena (කැන්දා ගෙනා) ft. Shavindya (Official Music Video) CHAPTER 02

Fastforward to a few weeks after the release of Chapter 1 ‘Hithawathiye’, comes this all new part 2 with a surprise! ‘Kanda Gena’ features a fresh vocalist from the island

New Music : MDRA – ALL IN

MDRA is back with some serious fire in the form of her newest MV & single ‘All In’. Slick rhymes that unique to her, and with a fierceness that’s unmatched,

New Music : Duava – Maa Ha Susume Welila (Official Lyric Video)

Duava is back with another monthly release, and we are loving this all new vibe from that pretty cool 20 something Duava. This is the first time we’ve heard table

New Music : Dj Mass x Blastronick – Aarambh

Released sometime last week comes this all new collaba by one of Sri Lanka’s most sought after Djs & producers – Dj Mass featuring Senter Records artist Blastronick! ‘Aarambh’ is