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New Music : Poddak Saiko | පොඩ්‍ඩක් සයිකෝ | Gayya

The official music video for the funnest single released all March long was released during the weekend! The video for ‘Poddak Saiko’ sure is a throwback to the style of

New Music : Haadu (හාදු) – Falan Andrea | Official Music Video

Released during the weekend is another single that’s poised to be a hit in its own right. ‘Haadu’ marks the first release by Falan Andrea for 2024 and it’s music

New Music : Manika (මැණිකා) – DIMI3 X Raini Charuka [Official Music Video]

Catchy, fun and a full on vibe is this all new collaba between Dimi3 & Raini Charuka that was released a few weeks ago. The weekend saw the official music

New Music : Piyath Rajapakse – Bandimu Suda (බඳිමු සුදා) | Lassanama Leli Acoustic Version

Released during the weekend comes this all new take of the massive February hit by Piyath Rajapakse. ‘Bandimu Suda’, the acoustic version sure does add a little more magic to

New Music : Numba Maage Maage (You’re Mine) – Buddhi dE Mal (Official Soundtrack Video)

It’s official, the first Sinhala track to be featured on a Hollywood production is here and it’s some quality stuff by Buddhi De Mal. Taken off the soundtrack of ‘Black

New Music : Ahadadream x Priya Ragu x Skrillex – Taka

One of the biggest collabas this year has arrived and it features our very own Priya Ragu! Ahadadream and Skrillex amp it very high with bass and percussion in this

New Music : Edward Maya x Yohani – Diamonds | Official Visualizer

This sure is another massive single from pop icon, Yohani. Nailing down a breezy, edm single with one of the biggest names from Romania’s edm scene (also very much celebrated

New Music : Junior Crysto x Azim Ousman – Nindak Na (Official Music Video)

Catchy, and packed with an amazing intensity – both in delivery and lyrically is this all new single by Junior Crysto. ‘NindakNa’ is his debut Sinhala single and it’s produced

New Music : Uvindu Ayshcharya ft DILUBeats – Sithuwam Hade (සිතුවම් හදේ මැවි මැවී) | Official Music Video

Released on the 22nd of the month comes this all new effort by Uvindu Ayscharya. Deep in the feels, this single is produced, mixed and mastered by Dilu Beats.

New Music : Game of Thrones Theme | Srilankan Cover

Packed with some serious Sri Lankan Drums and awesome guitar work, this cover of the Game Of Thrones theme is more than just the opening theme, it also includes an