That Ranura & Shehan Mashup!

That Ranura & Shehan Mashup!

Ever since this track got uploaded on YouTube, its been making its rounds on interwebs and in a big way. We found out what the fuss was about and had to get that one to one with singer Ranura Perera.

DecibelLk:  About this mashup and why?

Ranura: 2016 was the year that I decided that music is what I wanted to do and wanted to be known as a good vocalist, so I started doing covers. Some Spanish and Sinhala covers since Dec 2015.

DecibelLk: Putting this together, how did it come about and who’s idea was this?

Ranura: This mashup was my idea. Largely made possible due to Shehan’s talent. I thought this was the best way to reach out to people that like good music.

DecibelLk: This is your second time at mashups..why not go solo? And why’d you pair up with Shehan?

Ranura: I am a singer with very little friends who can guide me in the field. So collaborating and thriving to do the best was the only way to be noticed. I appreciate talent and Shehan is one of the best voices I have ever heard and I’m lucky he agreed to collaborate.

DecibelLk: What’s the feedback been like?

Ranura : I just released the cover and somehow Sanuka shared it within a few minutes. The producer, Azi Sheriff really loved it and so did everyone I know.

DecibelLk: What’s next ?

Ranura Perera: Keep doing covers.. Have to do another collaboration for Shehan’s channel and possibly something for Pitbull fans.

DecibelLk: Would we see you perform this live sometime this year?

Ranura: Performing in front of an audience is where I’m heading. Still don’t know when that would happen but working harder each day to make it a reality.

This mashup is produced by Azi Sheriff & videography is by Kings Creative


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