Tamara Has New Music Coming Up

Tamara Has New Music Coming Up

You might remember her from her hit single ‘Rain’ with Gershom Moses which is still on The YES Home Grown Top 15. 

This brand new month sees her drop some new music and here’s all you need to know about the newest ‘We Have It’ 

‘We Have It’ featuring Local Malaysian Recording Artists Vinz and Jnivus and is about a relationship. The girl in this song pours her heart out to the guy of her dreams, waiting for him to be the man she so desires in a relationship. She is worried that he doesn’t know their potential and is taking their relationship for granted but the guy is not confident whether she actually likes him for real and is questioning that.

Tamara has written the lyrics and melody for the first verse and chorus and is the lead singer. Vinz has written the lyrics and melody for the second verse and sung it and Jnivus has written the rap and produced the beats and the tune for We Have It. The single will be launched on Facebook and YouTube by the 12th of August.

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So Much WIN For Iraj! 100,000 hits on youtube alone!

we kid you not, when we saw this we were like whaaaaaa???! Brilliant stuff Iraj, we sincerely hope you reach 1 million hits by the end of June that way a lot