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New Music : Katu Adare (කටූ ආදරේ) – Eroshan ft Kaizer Kaiz [Official Music Video]

Released on the 28th of July comes this all new single by emerging artist – Eroshan who features rapper Kaizer Kaiz. “Katu Adare’ is produced by Yaka and comes packed

New Music : Gorkiz, Disto (SL) – Staring At The Sun

Here’s a brilliant progressive house gem by São Paulo’s Gorkiz & our island’s very own Disto! Titled ‘Staring At The Sun’, it’s an uplifting, feel good single made for any

New Music : Kao$ – Brown

Another weekend release, here’s a pretty strong single by rapper Kao$ who tackles on the issues of being a brown citizen in a different land. Powerful, strong and just real,

New Music : Feel (Robbie Williams) – Jude Ashan | Rock Cover

The 31st of the month saw the release of this all new take of Robbie Williams classic ‘Feel’ by Jude Ashan.

New Music : Perera Elsewhere – Heatwave

Released on Friday comes this all new single by the very cool Perera Elsewhere. Laid back, pensive, packed with feel good beats and just the good stuff, ‘Heatwave’ sure is

New Music : Driveway- Costa ft Lakshane (Official Music Video)

Released thru Serandip records comes another release and this time around by Costa himself featuring Lakshane. And we gotta say, this one is all kindsa cool!

New Music : Bajawwa (බජව්ව) | 2FORTY2

Now here’s a single a lot of people didn’t see coming and its a welcome change in the majority of themes that’s coming out from the music scene. Fun, light

New Music : JR – Ape Kathawa (අපේ කතාව) Official Music Video

Based on realities here in the island, comes this all new single by the very talented JR. See how you dig this.

New Music : Dasun Madushan – Kinduriye Nura (කිඳුරියෙ නුරා) / Official Music Video

The 31st of July saw a slew of releases rom Sri Lanka’s music scene and here’s one that’s worth the save on your playlist. With awesome music by Kushan Chamupathi

New Music : Naughty Boy ft Beyoncé, Arrow Benjamin – Runnin’ (One Take Acoustic Cover by Ryan de Mel)

July 31st saw a slew of releases and this was one of them. A pretty heart tugging take of ‘Runnin’ by Ryan De Mel.