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New Music : Arshu – Wida Mathaka (Official Music Video)

Here’s another weekend release we want you to get catching up! Arshu doesn’t hold back with this all new video / single that’s pretty close to his heart. See how

New Music : Duava – Tell Me I’m Wrong (Official Lyric Video)

Released during the weekend comes the official lyric video for Duava’s YES Home Grown Top 15 hit single, ‘Tell Me I’m Wrong’. Balanced and packed with some pretty interesting ethnic

New Music : Duava – Received (Official Music Video)

September the 8th saw the release of this all new music video by Duava. ‘Received’ is fun, straight up realities and is some pretty good stuff by the 20 something

New Music : Teklix – Spiral Dynamics

Released thru Revolt music comes Dj & Producer Teklix’s newest single ‘Spiral Dynamics’. It’s some pretty fresh progressive house that’s waiting to be discovered!

New Music : Unstoppable | Sandaru Sathsara

Youtube’s favorite parody guy is back with an all new release. Here’s his all new & fun take of Sia’s ‘Unstoppable’.

New Music : Body 2 Body – DJ Katch × DJ Mass Feat Apzi & Romaine Willis [Official Music Video]

Released on Friday comes Senter Records first international collaba! It’s platinum selling artist Dj Katch, with Dj Mass featuring Romaine Willis and rapper Apzi. ‘Body 2 Body’ is a catchy,

New Music : Power To The People! අරගලයට ජය වේවා! (SPLIT EP) – Agni ‘N Resonance

Released a few days ago comes this all new ep by artists Agni & Resonance. According to Agni’s insta, the songs on the ep are dedicated towards the daring citizens

New Music : Encender – D.V (Domestic Violence)

Metal band Encender is back after a hiatus with an all new single titled D.V (dometic violence). The single is taken off their upcoming ep ‘The Human Epiphany’ which is

New Music : “Smoke Some Weed මචංලා” aka Mary Jane – Killah Pain | Official Music Video

Trending at number 19 on Youtube at the time of this post, is this all new music video by a fresh name from the scene – Killah Pain. An ode

New Music : Babylon by David Gray (Cover by Ravin Ratnam)

It’s not everyday that you get to hear a stripped down of a favorite from the 2000’s but when you do, it’s gotta be as good as this take by