Stigmata Has A Gig This Weekend And We’re Gonna Prep You!

Stigmata Has A Gig This Weekend And We’re Gonna Prep You!

Its no secret that this band has been known to bring nothing but their very best, every time they play and here’s our top 5 concert footage picks for you..why are we doing this?

Its cuz of the 23rd!!!! The Saints & Sinners gig yako! Click here to find out more deets

They are gonna be playing a very special club gig after what seems like an eternity…I mean, our recollection of them playing at a club are from the days of Clancy, where they played a pretty memorable semi acoustic gig.

Note : the fans who are responsible for some of the footage are not professional camera people nor do they own the best equipment but they certainly have captured some of Stigmata’s best live moments and we appreciate that!

5. Before all the awesome fan footage, here’s a concert clip we cannot get enough of and thanks to Sindu Tv our play button has been restless (sorry mum)

Click here to check moments from Rock Sunday 

Click here to check moments from Rock Sunday 

4. Spiralcoma (SAARC Bands Festival 2007)

Whoever said that India did not have Stigmata fans, were proven wrong on that day. Also ain’t this one heck of performance?

3. My Malice..who remembers Rock Saturday?

2. Anger

This was the first time we heard Stigmata cover a home single and it had to be from the Granddads of Alternative Rock from the island – Independent Square

sure the audio quality ain’t the best but here’s the lyric video in case you want to listen to it

Before number 1 comes this!

Guitar Fest 2014

Simply cuz of the mashup and awesome integration of Tarzan Boy & Andura

1. Andura @ Dying Winter Sleeps 2014

There aren’t a lot of bands in this country that could pull of a Christmas gig and Stigmata sure knows how to do a year end special without the frills.

You’ve checked out only a sliver of this band’s finest, make it this Sunday…cuz you know, it will be worth it!

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