Sri Lankan GTA Community Role Play Servers: The New Trend In Sri Lankan Gaming?

Sri Lankan GTA Community Role Play Servers: The New Trend In Sri Lankan Gaming?

Ever since we were little kids, we were marveled by theworld of GTA, and the freedom to wreak absolute carnage while not having anyregrets has to be the best feeling ever.

With the years GTA kept evolving both in graphics and gamemechanics with more and more mods being released to each game that isdeveloped. Come 2013, GTA V was released to the public along with it, the muchawaited GTA online. Wreaking havoc in the City of Los Santos was fun but it gotkinda lonely, Rockstar game’s response to that was GTA Online, where you wreakhavoc with your friends.

Cut it to 2020, amidst the pandemic Epic games did the bestthing for the gamers by giving this game away free for life this where most SriLankan gamers scored their copy of GTA V.

Alright to the point at hand, with GTA online came the community servers. This is where a dedicated server for GTA V is made by a third party with their own rules and mods. The most popular version for these type of servers are the Roleplay Servers, and the Sri Lankan GTa community is no different. GTA Roleplay is fun to watch and is more fun to take part in. If you wanted to be a cop or criminal the choice is up to you.

Today’s server spotlight goes to Colombo City Roleplay (CCRP),The Server is programmed and handled by two talented individuals, DilshanGamage and Mudith Perera. A server that started with hopes of promoting GTAroleplay in a much friendlier way, and to create a non toxic community.

Talking about the server, this boasts about 40 playersconcurrent, considering that only 60 players are allowed per server this is ahuge amount. If a new player joins the server they are automatically assigned ahouse, oh did I forget to mention that almost all the properties in the map areup for purchase?

That’s right, that dream house you wanted in GTA it’savailable for the buys. After the player joins the server, they have to firstcreate an avatar for themselves. After that they have to register themselvesfor a menial job in the government building. The player determines how hischaracters life progresses. They Key to success in Roleplay is making as manyfriends possible.

CCRP has more than 120 Jobs for players to progress in,excluding the criminal jobs, and more than 10,000 interactions with items.

That’s pretty much GTA Roleplay in a nutshell. The good thing about this server is that, it is a good re-edition of real life Sri Lanka. The server is filled with Sri Lankan flags and even the classic Vinewood sign has been replaced with the words “City Of Colombo”. In the game one can think of it as if Sri Lanka had Hollywood, it would look a bit like this.

If you were ever stuck wondering how to join this amazing server? They have a discord server too! Click Here

Be sure to join in and ask for help if you really wanna join!

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