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Mashup Alert: Daham – Rift On Top Of The World

Doesn’t matter where you’re heading today..the lush green outskirts of SL or the gray corporate jungle of the greater’s a nice lil mash-up to start Tuesday off, this one is by

Happy Cake Day To A Few Awesome April People

Dave Free Roberts (singer), Shevon Rajasekera (singer/ Willies Jeep frontman), Rudy Christiansen (rudilicious) & Saffron (vocalist Duckdog) have the best year in music you guys – team   photo credits:

New Music : Far Away – NICKELBACK (Cover) Izzy Wildchild ft Britney

Izzy (Hollow, LOA etc) is back with vocalist Britney of TNL Onstage fame with a pretty heartfelt take of Nickelback’s classic ‘Far Away’.