Rahul Raj Wins His First Edison Award!

Rahul Raj Wins His First Edison Award!

Singer, lyricist & performer Rahul Raj of Tea Kada Pasanga fame recently won his first award for Best Lyricist (for Rock Star Robber) at the 13th annual Edison Awards in India. And we had to catch up with him for a quick one to one on this!

Pic source: Rahul himself

DB:  How are you feeling after this massive win?

Rahul: Life during the past few years has kept reminding me that dreams don’t remain dreams. This is one such instance, I feel super proud and blessed to have got this recognition for.my first song in the massive Indian film industry. My first words when I gave my acceptance speech was that I’m happy to have won this award from Sri Lanka. I stood there as a proud Sri Lankan. 

I am also very grateful to my parents who are always behind me. I would also thank my family for giving me the push when needed. Next is my major driving force, my friends! Who have motivated me time and time again and make me to go for what would seem unachievable at that time for me. I’m super thankful to them, maybe my homies, my office mates and a lot of others who I share this recognition with.

Then of course the boys from my band – Tea Kada Pasanga! They are the reason I am here in the music industry today. I joined TKP without knowing anything in the music industry. All that I had was the greed to succeed, and they fed me right and got me do all this. I’m so blessed to have met them at the right time. TKP will continue to take the Lankan music scene higher. This is one promise. 

yes, this is that song!

DB:  How did this happen andtell us about the song that brought you this recognition.

Rahul: This all happened when one day I got a call from ADK, and I was told there is a song like this happening. Even before I could swallow the moment, I was told the lyrics were needed in a few hours, so I had to keep all my emotions aside and get the job done. I remember writing this particular song while travelling. I thank ADK for this!

This is how this song“Rockstar Robber” came about. 

As you all know, this song has music by the one and only Yuvan Shankar Raja. I still pinch myself for this! I am so lucky to write my debut song in Kollywood for such a legend. I have grown up listening to his music and I have taken his music wherever I go. Today, when I see my name in one of his songs, it gives me a special feeling which I haven’t got enough of yet. I don’t have to talk much about the man because the world knows him.

Then it was everyone’s favorite, Vijay Sethupathy shaking legs for the song on the big screen. What more can I ask for? I have watched him on screen many times but this time it was him acting for my lines on screen. I still remember tearing while watching it in the cinema. I indeed went a few times with friends and family to just watch the song and my name on the big screen. I know it’s a childish desire, but then it gave me the feel of satisfaction which is hard to out in words. 

Rahul & his band mates from Tea Kada Pasanga performing in Jaffna

DB:  What does this mean to you as a singer songwriter?

Rahul: It’s obviously means a lot! As I said these feelings are hard to put into words. With recognition comes responsibility, so this makes me feel that I need to keep working harder and do better by the day.

I would say there are many talented lyricists than me who have not got the correct exposure thus far. I hope everyone who deserves recognition gets it at the right time. I and my team TKP have been working a bit on identifying hidden talents and we will continue to do so.

Lastly, I need tothank all the composers and singers who made my words reach the audience. InSri Lanka, apart from Tea Kada Pasanga, I thank the Giants in the scene Iraj ayya,Bathiya ayya and Santhush ayya for having me write for their Tamil songs. Ilearnt a lot from them during the recording sessions and this gave me bigexposure to various listeners. Recalling my initial days, I always have hugerespect for brother Deyo, for whom I wrote my first ever song for in theindependent scene. 

Finally, I thank all the listeners who have kept encouraging me and being the reason we as artistes strive to keep doing what we do. By God’s grace I will keep working hard and keep entertaining you all in all ways I can.

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