Pasan Liyanage

Pasan Liyanage

Who is he?

A YES Home Grown Award Winning Producer from the Hit Factory who has a reputation for creating some pretty outstanding tracks and over the years has been one of the names that’s been responsible for Sinhala Dubstep (Ranidu) & Sinhala House. (Bachi Susan)

Ranidu Ft Pasan – Hadha Parana (First Sinhala Dubstep Track)

Bachi Susan Tt.Pasan – Channa Kinnaravi [REMIX] (First Sinhala House Track)

Bachi Susan Ft Pasan Liyanage: Nethage

This song peaked at number 4 on Yassar’s Show [BBC Asian Network]

Pasan Liyanage Ft Georgie Alice: Give Me More

Dinesh Kanagaratnam – Rajini Shake (produced by Pasan Liyanage)

Dinesh Kanagaratnam – Aathichudi (produced by Pasan Liyanage)

Pasan Accepting The Award From Harpo & Taariq At The YES Home Grown Awards For Best Electronica Act

Apart from working with names like Sahashra, Ranidu, Bachi Susan, Natasha Rathnayake, Dinesh Kanagarathnam, Dawn Jay etc he’s also worked with international names like Georgie Alice.






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