Paranoid Earthling : Deaf Blind Dumb

Paranoid Earthling : Deaf Blind Dumb

Released a few days ago, this video has been making its rounds on social media and we caught up with the front man of PE for a quick one to one on the video and a tad more.

DecibelLK: About ‘Deaf Blind Dumb’

Mirshad: ‘Deaf Blind Dumb’ is a song by PE, about Mainstream Media Censorship.

DecibelLk: How crazy was it for you guys to put the video together?

Mirshad : The video was filmed and produced by a close friend of mine; Travis Beard of Argus Productions who specializes in news & documentaries in Afghanistan and other high risk parts of the world. He was down in SL for a month on vacation and was staying at my place. He suggested we shoot a video in raw fashion for one of our tracks while he’s down. We drew up a quick idea, hired a couple of lighting & 3 of my rebellious friends came in for the cast and we shot the video together with the band at our place in 2 days. The idea was a collaboration of Travis, myself and Kat who was a part of the cast.  We wanted to bring the feel of a home video shot in the 1980’s where there was no internet and Television was the only source of information. ; Another good friend of mine ‘Ryan Holsinger’ directed the shoot. It sure was fun and it took loads of takes to smash that TV :). Further color correction and filters were done by Ray Martenstein of Grindout Productions.

Check out the killer video to their classic hit ‘Deaf Blind Dumb’.

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