News : ‘Sangrama’ By Randhir Is Out & It’s The Biggest Hip Hop & Rap Album Of The Year!

News : ‘Sangrama’ By Randhir Is Out & It’s The Biggest Hip Hop & Rap Album Of The Year!

We got a taster last year with the playful title track ‘Delawan Banda’ that features Romaine Willis & Apzi, and here it is Sri Lanka in all it’s massiveness! ‘Sangrama’ boasts 24 of the best from Sri Lanka’s hip hop & rap scene and is nothing like you’ve heard before from Randhir’s side ever!

Starting off with a light & fun ‘Delawan Banda’ and then you get thrown into a universe of old skool beats, unexpected moments of light & then some very heavy realness, and some very fine sonic artistry by Randhir and the featured artists….lets not forget the production! Stellar is a word that falls short of describing it. Listening to ‘Sangrama’ almost like you step into the perfect balancing between the usual commercial appeal standards, sounds long forgotten, and a perfect 2023 amalgamation of personalities that compliments and not have a moment of a throw off.

Here’s whos on the album

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