New Music Friday – Huzni & DuckDog

now this is what we like to call a good morning and for once we ain’t frowning when we say that 😉


we think this is a standout remix that’s worth the download time and we swear we didn’t see this one coming, what makes this a cut above their past remixes? it’s that perfect balance of elements is all! (caution for emotional imbalances)  agree? disagree? comment below


Download here –


“freedom of expression, man…. is a problem” and the artwork below speaks volumes of what this sonic gem is about. The follow up single to “Home” lives up to its expectations and all we can say is…Radio, you should play songs like these! come on now, grow some balls and take a challenge! (alternatively if you like the track, ring up every station and demand it..shit like that actually works in SL)



Check out the track here –

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