If You’re A DeLon Fan Ya Better Read

so we came across this post by the rapper and were shocked. the videos to us looks like a pretty lame work of A/V patch up, amateur and don’t look the least legit especially the reporter who is “based” in Sri Lanka, note how the voice changes from video to video (the Indian guy who never even mentions DeLon to the American accented male reads out DeLon’s name a few times). These badly made videos can be taken down in a matter of minutes, just get down to tellin YouTube will ya.

Also it’s pretty amusing to note that picture of “Sri Lankan” women they have used, never knew that we had a country full of African looking women XD



in case you wanted to see the videos for yourself (Indian Vigneswaran)

in case you wanted to see the videos for yourself (Amercian Vigneswaran)

The video from the “official channel” the official channel with 1 video (Flag This!)


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