Happy Cake Day To October 12 & 13th Names

Happy Cake Day To October 12 & 13th Names

We missed out on wishing peeps from the home music scene yesterday cuz of a powercut but hey, like our grandma told us, its never too late so Happy Cake Day to Ameer Abdeen aka madmax (producer in training) and belated b’day greets to Kasun Pinto (Siblings Of Hatred) and Amila Withanage (Photographer) – have the best year ahead from us here at team yazminyousuf.lk


photo credits: Bilal Yoosuf (ameer) & Brandy Sam (amila)

we don’t know the photographer responsible for Kasun’s click but would love to credit you for your work, get in touch with us thru the contact page and we’ll do the necessary.

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