Exclusive : Demonstealer Gives Off A Massive Sounding Track Of What His Upcoming Release Will Be Like

Exclusive : Demonstealer Gives Off A Massive Sounding Track Of What His Upcoming Release Will Be Like

Article by Tejas Mundhada

Mark your date metalfolks, as Sahil Makhija aka Demonstealer is coming forth with his latest andone of the most heaviest release of this year, which will be launched onDecember 11th, ending the year with something humongous.

After all the pain that quarantine has made us go through, we will finally get an Indian dose, the stuff metal has always given us, the Goosebumps. Being in the same condition and trapped inside his house, Demonstealer had got a new view which inspired him to start writing new material. The COVID-19 and nationwide lockdown developed a perfect atmosphere of what this new EP seems to be “And this too shall pass”.  A single from this EP, has already been released “ This crumbling earth” along with an official lyrical music video.

Makhija’s new EP ismany things; it is the latest release that comes after the launch of “The Last ReptilianWarrior” (which has been three years) andas per the maker himself, the EP is what defines Demonstealer the most.

“I guess this is me atmy most vulnerable. It’s just me, no incredible musicians to back me up, justme putting my expression and feelings and thoughts into songs for the world tolisten to”, said Makhija.  

And this too shall passconsist of four massive sounding tracks;

01. This CrumblingEarth (06:26)
02. A Festering Wound (04:06)
03. Systemic Failure (04:30)
04. From Flesh To Ashes (06:09)

The Ep ‘This Too Shall Pass’  is written, played & arranged by Demonstealer himself. And all music is recorded at Demonstealer at Demonic Studios, India. The mixing and mastering has been done by Hertz Studio, Poland and the album artwork & layout is by Adi Dechristianize.

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