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New Music : Funeral Cry – Revon Quvincy | Official Music Video

An original composition by Revon Quvincy, this all new single titled ‘Funeral Cry’ was released on the 9th of November and is some pretty solid stuff.

New Music : Drill Team Presents Ada Hoda Dawasak (අද හොඳ දවසක්) ft BEE & OOSEVEN

Packed with some serious realness comes this all new single by the best rap collective form the island – The Drill Team. The single features Bee & rapper OOSeven.

New Music : Piyath Rajapakse ft Raini Charuka – Dawasak Ewi (දවසක් ඒවි) (Duet Version)

Magical and heavily packed with the feels comes the duet version of Piyath Rajapakse’s hit ‘Dawasak Ewi’ from not too long ago. This version features the prolific Raini Charuka.

New Music : Datha Dara | Mashup Cover | Anjalee Bandara

Now here’s a mashup not a lot of people expected from fresher Anjalee Bandara! Mashing up some of the best like Datha Dara, Manamalee, Meeden Wasi and Kiri Kodu, she

New Music : Laga Lagatama (ලඟ ලඟටම) – Official Cover | Ayisha Shamrin

Originally by Thiwanka Dilshan Ft Shan Putha, comes this all new take by fresher Ayisha Shamrin. Click here to check out the video

New Music : Saththai onna man (සත්තයි ඔන්න මං ) Umara ft La Signore

Packed with lyrics by Manuranga Wijesekara comes this all new single by powerhouse Umara and La Signore. It’s light, pop and just one heck of a good listen.

New Music : Piyath Rajapakse – Dawasak Ewi (දවසක් ඒවි )

Straight from the heart and just possibly one of his best solo singles to date, is this all new drop from Piyath Rajapakshe titled ‘Dawasak Ewi’. Click here to check

New Music : Athmarthakami Adare – Dylan Perera ft Roshan (Official Music video)

Released last weekend is this all new single by singer / songwriter Dylan Perera (founder of the now defunct Spleen Saint). It’s dark, moody yet edgy sound is a refreshing

News : The Voice Reveals New Coaches

The big reveal happened on the 13th of the month and while it’s gotten fans of the show talking, the biggest surprise here was the addition of Kasun Kalhara as

New Music : Ambroz – Peraman Pamanai (Official Music Video)

It’s not everyday that you get to see producer & dj Ambroz rap but he sure took everyone by surprise with ‘Peraman Pamanai’. This is the second single taken off