Dropwizz: On UTH & More

Dropwizz: On UTH & More

Last week saw the radio premiere (YES Home Grown Top 15) & online release of a stellar work of sonic art by 2 producers – UTH & Dropwizz and this single is MASSIVE! It’s everything trance should be in 2014! We had to speak to Dropwizz (Kavindu Indatissa) on this and a bit more…

dropwizz & uth cover

YY: Tell us about this collaba

Dropwizz: I met Alex (UTH) over soundcloud as we both lived in the same area, we enjoyed each other’s productions and always sent WIP to one another for feedback, several months later we decided to actually meet up and work on a track, and this Arctic Marathon was born in just a month.

YY: This genre is kinda new to you, how challenging was it in terms of productions?

Dropwizz: If you have the creativity and ability, no genre is a challenge. I moved from dutch house to dubstep, then progressive, trap, chillout, and finally trance, haha so crazy.

YY: Would the release of “Arctic Marathon” mean a change in music direction?

Dropwizz: I have officially decided that I will be sticking to my roots of Dutch house and progressive trance from now on.

YY: What are some of the newer plug-in’s you are using and abusing 😛

Dropwizz: I used my usual set of plugin with my own presets and what not, most producers know what these plugins are.

YY: Your Lovetrap remixes have been quite popular, would you continue to put out more?

Dropwizz: Lovetrap is my secondary genre, it’s those times when I listen to a track with some lyrics on it that takes me down memory lane, I just need to add my flavor to it.


Arctic Marathon

Buy the single here


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