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New Music : VIRAMAYE (විරාමයේ) – Ridma Weerawardena & Thilina Boralessa (Amizio Remix)

Giving a new lease of life to ‘Viramaye’ by Ridma Weerawardena & Thilina Boralessa is this remix by Dj & Producer Amizio.

Wagon Park To Release A LIVE Bootleg Record

In an exclusive with, the front man of the Rock N Roll band spilled that they were recording a special LIVE Bootleg Record for fans. We were there when

Delvin Hindle’s Hitlist Is At Number 1 On The YES Home Grown Top 15!

After a minute the 20 something is right back on the top spot of the YES Home Grown Top 15 with his all new single ‘Hitlist’. Here’s the single in