DJ RD Supports Busta Rhymes On Tour

DJ RD Supports Busta Rhymes On Tour

There’s a few reason’s why DJ RD is where he is.

He’s a hard working specialty; A skilled DJ who brings out his bag o trix every time he steps up on that stage and it’s no wonder that he’s recognized and has worked with some of the global hip hop & rap heavyweights and in the recent past – Busta Rhymes (right after Party In The Park with DJ Yella, which happened a few weeks ago in SL)

Busta Poc

Here’a a moment from that concert which took place last Friday. 

The first and only Lankan DJ to be touring with Busta and did we tell you that he opened for Red Man & Method Man in Birmingham a few weeks ago?


That shoutout!

want to get in touch with him? Click here

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