Decibel’s Avrudhu Top 5 & More

Decibel’s Avrudhu Top 5 & More

April is always a very special time for every Lankan, near or far cuz of The Sinhala & Tamil New Year and what would the season be without music being inspired by the sounds that’s associated with it?

Here’s our top 5 6 picks for the season (and then some more) in no order

  1. Flippy – Koha 

Tech house producer & DJ – Flippy has been known for a few singles but ‘Koha‘ in case you didnt know was his radio debut back in 2013. Timless, good stuff with that seasonal bird sampled just right.

2. YAKA x DJ Spike: #Rabana

We haven’t come across too many singles that sample the  age old ‘Avilla Avilla Sinhala Avurudda Awilla‘ or Raban’s in general but this one does and producer YAKA does a darn good job of it!

3. Shiran-Ta: Bajauwa 

Some call this the perfect paduru party soundtrack, to us this is an all round celebration single from 3 years ago by another Tech house Dj & Producer.

4. Elecktro Doctors: Wattaka

This just got fresh out of the oven and we think this makes for an insta-classic for the season. Elektro Doctors are a duo to watch out for Sri Lanka!

5. RapZilla – Avrudhu Rap 6/8

This was released when he first came out to the interwebs and now, there’s even a part 2 to this..check out the first one

Part 2 FTW!

And there is a #6 thanks to one of our readers (Joshua Perera..thank you!)

Stigmata – Jazz Theory

Other notable singles, we feel would be awesome to have playing this season

Here’s one by the very cool people of Deep Sounds, who featured a few freshers from the single on this.

Pasan Liyanage, Rangana Budawattha, Harashana Wijasinghe & Sandeep Milan John – Grace Of A Tusker (opening of the YES Home Grown Awards 2015)

DuckDog: Nano 

Home’s first live dubstep band sure had had a ton of good tracks out before they disbanded a few years ago, here’s one of them.

Ranidu: Dip On it / Saima Cut Wela (bailatronic mashup)

This mashup is too epic to breakdown, just listen man.

Wayo released this at the start of April!

YAKA: Yaka’s Love 

Folk-sy / EDM

What else could be more unique sounding?

Samples from RIDDI YAGAYA – Rata yakuma

M18: Giren Gira 

M18 are considered to be a one hit wonder, this was a big radio hit on YES101 3 years ago.

DJ Kush & Dj Edifier : Traditional Volume

Two Dj’s on a production roll – end result? this!

Insignia: When The Lights Go Down 

This one man project used to make music, now though he’s busy flying’s a single from not too long ago.

Diger Rokwell – Jothipala Fever

This single cuz, just cuz!

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