Decibel Exclusive : Ringmaster From Circus Cult / Ringmaster’s Jam

Decibel Exclusive : Ringmaster From Circus Cult / Ringmaster’s Jam

Ringmaster’s Jam sure had a its share of social media this week after their performance at Bad To The Bone on Saturday and why not? Just feel that energy on stage man!

And hey, we have to admit..a Rock n Roll outfit that tight needed its share of praise n publicity for such a good set and knowing us, we had to go meet up with the ringmaster aka Bernard Botejue for a quick chat on a few things including his band Circus Cult.

DecibelLK: Why Ringmaster’s Jam?

DecibelLK: How Crazy Good Is Ringmasters Jam In Your Opinion?

DecibelLK: What’s Next As A Band?

DecibelLK: Whats Goin On With Circus Cult?

photo credits:Dimitri Cooray Photography

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