Decibel Exclusive : Rapper Costa

Decibel Exclusive : Rapper Costa

Rapper Costa recently released “Nuwara Machang (The Town)” and it sure got us wondering about the humble origins of this’s our quick chat with the Finland based Kandyan rapper.


DECIBELLK: Intro you the rapper, the Nuwara guy, the one time member of the Sinhala alt band S1 Crew and human

COSTA: I’m Costa , Which I use as my stage name and as in real life as well. Born and raised in Sri Lanka, currently living in Finland. First of all, I do not consider myself as a rapper because I feel myself more of an artist. A lot of people use this statement of not being a rapper which has quite become a trend for some reason, but the reason I do not call myself a rapper is because it’s not the only thing that I do. I’m more into producing Music and I also enjoy singing as well, so by calling myself a rapper I just feel like I’m cutting down all the other aspects of my creativity.

Talking a little bit where I come from, It’s a place that sing about in my newly released song ‘Nuwara Machang (The Town), Born and lived in Kandy for 20 years of my life before I moved to Colombo for work purposes. I just feel like Kandy is a paradise for me because I mean that’s my home town and everybody feels the same way about the place that they have been raised.

Before leaving to Finland, The S1 Crew was the band that I was a member of and we started this band back during our Schooldays where we made songs about weird ass topics like “Loweth Na’ & “Hotel Yusufia” etc. It was a wonderful experience and I was a part of this band till I moved to Finland.

DECIBELLK: What made you switch to rap?

COSTA: I was always a huge fan of Hip Hop Music no matter what genre I was involved in. Just felt like that’s the type of music that you could say your shit straight without no regrets but it grew in me little by little, and there came a point where I found myself listening to hip hop almost all of the time. At this point I got the interest to do Music production and followed my ambition which has now lead me into rapping, singing, producing and all these things and I’m really happy that it happened.

DECIBELLK: You tend to be real about what you put out there, is this something you’ve wanted to do?

COSTA: One thing that crosses my border would be about rapping or singing, something about something that I’m not and yes, it’s a personal thing.  My lyrics would be pretty weird or not comfortable for some people to listen, but that’s what I want to sing or rap about and that’s why I do so. My main motivation in this whole process is to do this music thing for myself and be 100% me so I’m completely independent about the positive or negative comments that audience has to offer me.  


DECIBELLK: How would you describe your style of rapping?

COSTA: My style of rapping is more of a free thoughts type of rapping, for example..when I make a beat, I make up a story in my head and I start talking about it in the song and turn it into rhymes and lyrics & I just say whatever comes to my mind. I won’t take no word back even though it might be uneasy for some people to listen but end of the it’s my art and I like it.

DECIBELLK: Your influences (locally / internationally)?

COSTA: Locally I’m inspired by many different Artists such as Indrachapa Liyanage, Prasa Kg, Smokio, K Mac , The whole Minnacus crew work ( visually) & Paranoid Earthling. International artists I’m inspired by…there are many artists representing many different genres like Travis Scott, Tyler The Creator, A$AP Rocky, Keith Ape , J Cole, Kanye west, Metallica, Nirvana, Marilyn Manson etc.

DECIBELLK : 3 things you cannot do without

COSTA: Hmm that’s a tough question, other than my basic needs I love smoking weed so that’s one, exercising that’s two and probably eating junk food that’s the third. No matter what I would love to eat junk food where ever I go.


DECIBELLK: Your opinion of the rap culture here in SL?

COSTA: Rap culture in Sri Lanka is progressing really well. I mean there’s a lot of new artists trying to push themselves to the limit including me, which is a sign of development. Basically I’m not a hater so I enjoy people’s art in different ways, if I see somebody putting something out there and completely believing himself, I respect that no matter what it is. People like Iraj, Fill T (and I have a lot more names to mention).. have put massive amount of effort into the roots of hip hop in SL, should respect that no matter what because it’s not easy to hear so much shit, Hate from people and be focused on what you want to achieve and I think they do a great job, so well done!

DECIBELLK: Do you aim for singles, eps or albums?

COSTA: I have released 3 singles now, my next step is to release my Mixtape Album and do couple of gigs with it and keep on working on my music.

DECIBELLK: You are coming down in December..would you consider performing?

COSTA: Yes, I’m coming to Sri Lanka on December 6th and of course I’m ready to perform at any gig that requires me as an artist. 

Check out more of Costa’s music here 

There was never an international scene without a local one, support your home artist – unknown


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