Big Harsha & Shaa Are Set To Release A Game Changer

Big Harsha & Shaa Are Set To Release A Game Changer

The teaser dropped a few days ago and we’re thinking this could be one of those tracks that really could change the Lankan Sinhala Rap scene in its own way. Talking to us more on this is Big Harsha.

DecibelLk: Tell us about the single you’ve been teasing

Big Harsha: “Mama” is how we have titled it coz this is mainly an intro of Shaa – an upcoming female rapper. I wanted her to sing coz she has good talent but I noticed while she was hanging out, she started rapping to our old tracks and I asked her to follow rap also.. So she wanted this to be an introduction song to the rap community! So that’s how we came up with this idea!!

DecibelLK: You & the team are back, is this going to be an L.W.A. production or something from your own camp?

Big Harsha: We had some issues after the “Jambu Ale” track and had a small break, but now the team is back with a new spirit in our team too!! I think it’s Shaa who made it possible coz she always wants to work and she keep pushing our boys as well, and then with the help of ABC studios & Cairo beats we did some epic originals which are yet to be released. Recently we released a song called “Kaalayak” which was based on all Sri Lankan people and how corrupted their minds are and also the corrupted politicians and their decisions.. so yes, L.W.A. is back in businesses!

DecibelLK: Tell us about Shaa, this all new name you are featuring on the upcoming single?

Big Harsha: Ha Huh!! Talking about the gal who I work with, she is a die hard fan of Snow Da Product and she follows her like we all follow Tupac, Biggie, N.W.A., Eminem etc.. All I wanted to show our community what would every rapper would think if Snow Da Product would had a chance to be in a track with late big punisher. That’s the flavor u will notice when u see us both together.. Her name is Shavindi Abeywardane but the name I gave her Is Shaa, coz obviously when you are excited or when you are happy everybody says that word.. that’s how I felt the first time I met her.. like SHAA, she is pretty talented.. haha.. and we already have planned her next single. It’s about women’s rights!! So a bit controversial but she is part of L.W.A. so she gotta have that attitude..The first thing I look for in anybody who wants to be in our group L.W.A.,  their personality, their attitude and trust me she got loadz of em!!! Haha!

Decibel:LK: When is this single out?

Big Harsha: This was never planned but the crew wanted to release this track on the 13th of august coz its my cake day!! So if u did watch the teaser of our track “Mama” you would have seen the mention.

DecibelLk: Whats next for you and your camp?

Big Harsha: I, personally have done a few singles & for my team members and Shaa, I have worked on few singles and features. In time, I will be dropping these bombs one by one!! Our biggest and wildest dream is to finish out the cypher 2017 coz the previous cypher was a blast and this time its gonna be bigger and a better one. We are mainly planning to dedicate this cypher to people who shouldn’t be forgotten coz they have earned our respect so much but, unfortunately we all , as lankans have forgotten em!! So we LWA are ready to talk about em!! You’ll see in time and for my team members SHAA, Skatey, Nish, Nate Rhyme, Boji,  Azeem Shazly, Emo SD, cham vish, shankadara, player C, A killer, Mobb Bigg, I would like to say, The beginning was massive, now let’s go down the path and don’t look back until we find the light!! MUCH love biggie!!

Get watching the teaser already for all the hints!



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