3000+ Participants for the “Online eSports Showdown 2021”

3000+ Participants for the “Online eSports Showdown 2021”

It’s FINALLY here! The online version of SLCG! Due to thecurrent situation of the country, there are no LAN events scheduled so far thisyear, but thanks to the internet, eSports is the only sport that can actuallyhave its tournaments online.

Thanks to Gamer.lk, the Online eSports Showdown returns forthe second year with 14 titles and the clan with the top points across thetournament will win the coveted “Clan of the Year” award.

Since the early 2000s, SLCG has been the biggest eSportstournament in Sri Lanka and a tournament that every eSports athlete in SriLanka looked forward to. Back then it was just a few titles, with the likes ofCall of Duty 4, DOTA2, League Of Legends and a few other games. But now in 2021,this has evolved to 14 titles that are played by eSports athletes all over thecountry and the number of registered participants is staggering. Over 3000participants plan on taking part in this tournament representing theirrespective clans. These are some of the clans that you should be looking outfor in this coveted tournament.

Phoenix Gaming- One of the most dominating clans since their inception, Phoenix gaming has many “Clan of the year” awards under their belt.

image source : phoenix gaming

Noob alliance – The Clan of the Year in 2018, they currently have some of the best eSports athletes in the country.

image source : noob alliance gaming

Techmorph Gaming- Techmorph used to be the biggest clan backin the day, now with new rosters for Valorant and COD4 they might be looking tostir some commotion in the tournament.

WolfGang gaming- The clan with the biggest Valorant rosters,with teams like Gunslingers they might be the biggest rival for Phoenix GaminGand Noob alliance in this year’s showdown.

Maximum eSports- A clan with a really good Valorant and PUBGmobile roster.

These are just some of the biggest eSports orgs in Sri Lanka,but who knows there might be a chance of an underdog clan dethroning them all.Just stick with us as we give you all the juicy details of what happens inthese tournaments.

In the titles section games like

Call of Duty 4


Rainbow6 Siege

League Of Legends


Mobile Legends bang bang

Clash Royale

Call Duty mobile

FreeFire and PUBG mobile will be ranked titles

While eRacer PUBGPC and real cricket will be exhibitiontitles.

The Tournament is set to start on the 7th of May and we fromdecibel.lk wish them good luck for this tournament! – Elder Drake

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