New Music : Yuki Navaratne – Wisithuru Mal (Official Animation Video)

Trending at #2 on Youtube comes this all new single by the very talented Yuki Navaratne. Dreamy and packed with amazing feels, and a wholesome message is ‘Wisithuru Mal’.

New Music : Dhanthith Sri – Aprakashitha ( අප්‍රකාශිත ) Official Music Video | Album Rap Lanthaya

Packed with some very strong feels and man, here’s Dhanith Sri like you’ve seen or heard him before. With stellar visuals and a very strong single, this one is by

New Music : Mechanic, Furny Doo & Sehan Nides – Nodutuwa Perada (නොදුටුව පෙරදා) | Official Lyric Video

Released a few days ago comes this all new collaba by producer & dj Mechanic with his buddies Furny Doo & vocalist Sehan Nides. Packed with some very emotional moments

Podcasts : The Arc Fusion By N Marc

Its official, producer & Dj N Marc has an all new podcast series and here’s Arc Fusion’s first episode!

New Ep : Rewire By Rokka & Randle

There’s an all new Progressive House Ep out from our island and it’s by Randle and 22 year old Rokka. It features remixes by Echo Daft & Yudi Watanabe.

News : Jay Princce Is Back At Number 1!

It’s official! Rapper Jay Princce is back on top of the countdown with that hit track S.O.E. (salute over everything), and this isnt the first time the single has hit

New Music : Spike x BabeOnDaBeat – Awa Awa [ආවා ආවා] (Official Music Video)

Released a month ago comes this all new release by rapper Spike in collaboration with Dj & Producer BabeOnDaBeat. The single ‘Awa Awa’ is written, mixed & mastered by Spike

New Music : Asela Perera – Impossible Standards

Released in November of 2020, here’s a single that’s never been reported on but we think it’s not too late to bring this work of amazing singer/songwriter stuff to your

New Music : Bo Sedkid – LISSA ලිස්සා (Official Video)

Simple, acoustic and packed with some serious feels that cut thru like a hot knife in butter, this single is some pretty good stuff by the artist we know as

New Music : Soyaganeema ( සොයාගැනීම ) – Tharindu Damsara [Official Audio]

Here’s a single we missed out on reporting but this sure is one of those singles worth taking note of for its musicality and over all productions. Tharindu Damsara’s ‘Soyaganeema’s