New Music : Oor Kelavi (Music Video) – @adkrapper feat Ram x Mani / Music – 4AM

Here’s another single we missed out on reporting but it’s never too late! ADK’s newest ‘Oor Kelavo’ is fun, a dance anthem in its own right and is downright a

New Music : Binda Heene (බින්ද හීනේ) – Sangeeth Peiris | Official Music Video | Album Heena

Funky, fresh and a vibe on its own comes this all new single by a name Sri Lanka needs to get behind. Taken off Sangeeth Peiris’s album ‘Heena’, ‘Binda Heene’

New Music : මීළඟ නැවතුම (The Next Stop) Official Lyrical Video – Stringfield

Released a few days ago comes this all new single by a band that’s known for their brand of epic Sinhala rock. ‘The Next Stop’ by Stringfield is the first

New Music : Kash xx – Thamath Shakthimath (තාමත් ශක්තිමත් ) Ft Leisha Perri official Sinhala Rap music video

Kash xx is a fresh name from the Sinhala rap scene and his debut music video features Leisha Perri on chorus. ‘Thamath Shakthmath’ is an interesting bi-lingual single that’s a

New Music : Meri Zindagi – Hirushi| Shaan | Pavan Maligi #merizindagi #Hirushi #Shaan

Refreshingly good is this all new Hindi duet by personality & singer Hirushi & Shaan who is pretty famous in India for being more than a playback singer (kids from

New Music : Victor Dysayon, Duava – One More Time (Official Music Video)

Here’s a collaba you didnt see coming but is here and you need to check it out! It’s by fresher Victor Dysayon with Lanka’s very own Duava on some very

New Music : Yuki Navaratne & Ravi Jay – Numbata Mathakada ” නුඹට මතකද ” | Rebecca dilrukshi (OMV)

Ravi & Yuki are back and it only took them less than 24 hours to reach number 5 on Youtube’s trending list with ‘Numbata Mathakada’. Packed with some serious feels

New Music : “Liberian Girl” by Micael Jackson (Cover Version) Sandun Athulathmudali LIVE STUDIO VERSION

The multi-talented Sandun Athulathmudali is back and this time around with a slew of classic takes from Michael Jackson’s discography. Here’s his uber laid back take of ‘Liberian Girl’. Check

New Music : දුර තියා (Dura Thiya) Official Music Video – ඩුලානි (Dulani)

Released a few days ago comes this all new single by the first female to have won the title of YES Superstar in the 2010’s. Dulani is back with ‘Dura

New Music : Dem Da Diamonn – SLIGGA

Creating an all new term for a Lankan with an attitude that drips of hip hop and having it in a song? That’s what this all new effort by rapper