New Music : අග හිඟ (Aga Hinga) La signore X RainiCharuka Ft TaxiEntertainment | Official Music Video

Here’s a collaba you dont get to see everyday but when it happens, you know its a stop n watch effort! ‘Aga Hinga’ by La Signore, Raini Charuka & The

New Music : Cmb CruZz / Space Pirate – Dura Akahe (Cmb CruZz Edit)

Here’s an unofficial mix of the classic by Charitha Attalage & Ravi Jay by the very cool DJ & Producer Cmb CruZz aka Space Pirate. This remix is one for

New Music : TAXI – Oba Enawada (ඔබ එනවද) | Official Music Video

We missed out on reporting this all new single by the very cool TAXI Band but, it’s never too late either. ‘Oba Enawada’ is a fun, light and uplifting original

New Music : Suranganak – Dinith Akmeemana

It’s been a minute since Dinith Akmeemana released a single and his newest got dropped last weekend. Titled ‘Suranganak’, the single’s lyrics, voice and melody are by Dinith himself. The

New Music : Sadara Bandara – Dozer (ඩෝසර්)

Here’s another weekend release, and this latest single by Sadara Bandara is a pretty strong one! Touching upon an issue less spoken about, ‘Dozer’s lyrics are by Premarathna Thennakoon and

New Music : Dinesh Gamage – Man Thaniwama (මං තනිවම) | Official Gajaman Movie Song

Here’s single 2 that’s taken off the movie soundtrack of Gajaman! Dinesh Gamage’s ‘Man Thaniwama’ is heartfelt and comes packed with some very strong feels. The single is mixed and

New Music : PSJ – Time Traveler (Official Music Video)

Here’s a track we missed out on reporting but here it is! Producer PSJ dropped this release a while back and it’s something to be checking out!

New Music : Unholy – Upendra Siriwardana x Deshan Gamage ft. Kandie King (Cover)

Here’s a weekend release by Upendra Siriwardana, Deshan Gamage and Kandie King (The Voice fame). It’s a pretty interesting take of that insta classic by Sam Smith.

News : Lanka Comic Con Is Back!

Last week saw the awesome peeps at LCC drop that announcement we’ve been waiting for! While no venue has been mentioned just yet, we’re betting our appreciating rupee on Trace

New Music : Duava – Maa Lanwu (Official Music Video)

Released last weekend comes this all new bi-lingual single by the prolific Duava! And it’s a mood on in its own right..check out the official music video already.