New Music : Kalu – Mage Kiya

Youtuber now original music maker Kalu sure did drop his debut single a few hours ago and it’s everything too cool! A dreamy sound to go with equally dreamy visuals

New Music : Diary – Vidushaan x MJ Melodies | Official Music Video

Sampling ‘Rendu Kadhal’ by Anirudh Ravichander and adding his truth and realities into one sick rap is this all new single by rapper Vidhushaan. The track is mixed, mastered and

New Music : Stable In The Game by NST

Rapper NST is back with this all new single titled ‘Stable In The Game’. Powerful, packed with some very strong lyrics with some stranger things nostalgia thrown into the mix,

New Music : Saint – Deep – Budget Taxi Man

Saint – Deep is a fresh name that we need to be watching out for! His debut single ‘Budget Taxi Man’ is fun, catchy and deserves to have a remix.

New Music : KushD4 ft. Slapcat – F**K Action Freestyle

Kush4D is a fresh name who recently dropped his freshest ‘F**k Action’. This freestyle is produced by Slapcat.

New Music : Kopule – Ashen Senarathna ft Smokio – Official Music Video

YouTuber Ashen Senarathna just kicked off the first step to his all new venture into music with his debut single / music video. Titled ‘Kopule’, the single is catchy, fun

New Music : Baila Curry – Always You

The one man project Baila Curry is back, and his newest is pretty darn special. Touching on deep rooted emotions and the feels that play on the mind is this,

New Music : Duava – Received (Official Music Video)

September the 8th saw the release of this all new music video by Duava. ‘Received’ is fun, straight up realities and is some pretty good stuff by the 20 something

New Music : Teklix – Spiral Dynamics

Released thru Revolt music comes Dj & Producer Teklix’s newest single ‘Spiral Dynamics’. It’s some pretty fresh progressive house that’s waiting to be discovered!

New Music : Unstoppable | Sandaru Sathsara

Youtube’s favorite parody guy is back with an all new release. Here’s his all new & fun take of Sia’s ‘Unstoppable’.