#100 Days Of Home Grown: Day 77

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New Music : Patu Adahas – මාගේ දේශය | Remake by Ajith Kumarasiri x Namini Panchala x Bo Sedkid (Visualizer)

Now here’s a take that’s as fresh as they come. A Tribute to the late Rabindranath Tagore, the original Bengali and English author of ‘Gitanjali Mahagama Sekara’ & to the

Luca Dayz Ft. Carlprit – Get Gone

While word is that this is the second single off Iraj’s upcoming, international collaba heavy album.. we’re surprised that Iraj didnt have his name on the title, speculation much? The single

New Music : Era – Nadu Danna (නඩු දාන්න) | Official Music Video 2024

Catchy and packed with serious realities comes this all new single by rapper Era. ‘Nadu Danna’ is an intresting single to the addition of singles hat have come out this