Decibel Exclusive : Sandesh Shenoy (Cyclopean Eye Productions)

Decibel Exclusive : Sandesh Shenoy (Cyclopean Eye Productions)

A few hours more to one of the biggest gigs from the underground metal circut and we caught up with the very cool Sandesh Shenoy from Cyclopean Eye Productions who will be having a special stall at the gig this evening. 

DecibelLK: How excited are you to be a part of decibel blast?

Sandesh: Really Excited! I have visited Sri Lanka 4 times before and have never been to a single gig inspite of me knowing, so many musicians out there! One of my main reasons for being there is to watch Funeral In Heaven perform. I remember seeing them perform in Bangkok, 2010 and they left a lasting impression on me. I’m also curious to watch fellow Sri Lankans – Paraiah Demise (whose music I totally dig) and Maldivians – Hellbrewed as Black & Death metal are my favorite genres and I havent been to gig line up like this in South Asia (besides my own).

DecibelLK: What sort of merch can fans expect and from which bands.
Sandesh: Well for one, there’s a special edition Funeral In Heaven t-shirt that’s for grabs! Then there arepatches from Serpents Athirst, T-shirst from Tetragrammacide (India), Cds & tapes from other international bands like Cult Of Fire, Weapon, Hellucinate and Tetragrammacide among many others.  
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DecibelLK: Sri Lanka has a wealth of underground bands..would you consider working with them on the merch aspect

Sandesh: Sri Lankan has the BEST underground bands in the whole of South Asia along with Bangladesh in my opinion. I’ve had ties with this scene since 2009 and have supported bands both via my  label Cyclopean Eye Productions and my fest – Trendslaughter. Since 2011, I’ve released numerous tapes, cds, patches etc from bands like Genocide Shrines, Serpents Athirst and Konflict. I soon hope to work with more Lankan bands that put out quality releases.  

DecibelLK: is there anything you look for in a band?

Sandesh: Haha, well there are aLOT of things that I look for in a band, primarily being MUSIC and IDEOLOGY. I look for extreme bands that have fresh ideas and are creative with their whole approach to music. Besides that, Cyclopean Eye Productions supports bands that have extreme ideologies – like nihilism, anti religious, politically incorrect or just good ol’ blasphemy.  If your band is a religious one (white light) then your band is not for my label. Also I don’t support bands who are leftists, vegans, social justice warriors who choose to dilute the pure essence of what extreme metal is about.     

DecibelLK: anything you are looking forward to checking out here in Sri Lanka in terms of the metal scene?

Sandesh: Decibel Blast 2016 of course! Quality time with my buddies from Funeral In Heaven, Genocide Shrines, Serpents Athirst, Pariah Demise, Manifestator and others! Sri Lankan Arrack and cuisine, hopefully a trip to the beach..All things that are pure metal to me!  

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