We Are One

We Are One

Last year, sometime around 3 am, on the 11th of May…a site was launched on the interwebs, a blog that would be all about the home music scene of Sri Lanka.

Skeptics told us, sure how long could these kids even keep up? 

Supporters told us, to keep going 

Musicians & Artists, told us they’d be doing what they do best..keep making more music 

The latter sounded like just the kinda fuel we needed to keep going and not a day has passed without bringing you, the avid reader the latest from the home music scene.

I thank you for being an integral part of the site, for reading, for sharing, for tweeting and most of all being supportive of the scene…we need more people like you for that keeps us motivated in bringing you the daily’s! =)

Thank you for sharing what can be coined as One Incredible Year!

To celebrate, Dj Ruki’s gonna be releasing an exclusive on the site tonight at 11pm, check back to get the DL.

On a further note, I’d like to thank the web team for always looking after the site like a fierce mother!

Housni Yakoob & Anuradha Jayathilaka, thanks for being an amazing team and honestly, they are to be equally thanked and gifted in faludah’s and samosa’s for their tireless contribution towards the site and forever being online & tolerating of mad moments =)

And how can I forget, Ashkar Haniffa for our first photoshoot, appreciate it muchly man!

Thank you again and lets progress towards more yeah =D

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