The Melomanic Sessions July : Here’s What You Missed

The Melomanic Sessions July : Here’s What You Missed

In case you couldn’t make it to the final Melo at *don’t panic yet…final Melo at The Park Street Mews (*sigh of relief, yes noh?)..we’ve captured a few moments from the evening for ya! 

Melissa Pereira kicked things off with her soulful set 


Lara Modder

Dan Aloysius, Eshantha Perera & Faisal 

Jayanga Nanayakkara, Ranush & Team 

Asela Perera

We’re upset that Gihan Samuel’s recording couldnt be found on our recording device 🙁 but here’s an excerpt 🙂 also await the Melo bootleg soon!



Ending on a high note as always was a different Team Melo 

Yeah, they backtracked hard

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