That Enzo Vood Exclusive!

That Enzo Vood Exclusive!

Dj Enzo Vood recently announced an exclusive signing with 3rd Avenue, we had to get catching up with him for a quick one to one!

pic source : his official fb page

DB : How are you?
EnzoVood : Hello Yazmin and, I’m doing good and thank you so much for talking to me!

DB : It’s a brand new year, what’s plans from your end?
EnzoVood : I will continue learning music productions and hope to release more original mixes in this year. I’m also going to launch my own event management company, and have planned 3 music festivals for this year too.

DB : What’s the one thing you’ve missed doing in 2021?
EnzoVood : In the past year I used my time to learn and explore about music theories, and gained more knowledge on music productions. And while I had plans to do few events, unfortunately couldn’t make it happen since the situation of our country wasn’t great.

DB : About you getting signed to 3rd Avenue, How did this happen?
EnzoVood : Firstly I’d like to reveal the name of the track, it’s called “Bawathra” and that’s my first international collaboration. I was able to collaborate with one of the talented and amazing artists “Hobin Rude” from Serbia 🇷🇸, and the 3rd Avenue label was one of my favorite label that I was hopping to sign in.

DB : What’s next for you?
EnzoVood : In future there will be another track coming in Star dive records and there will be few collaborations including international collaborations. And also my monthly mix podcast will be there in a new way and a new face in January.
with all of them I’ll be learning music because I have to learn more and more in the industry.

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