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News : Its 6 Straight Weeks For Kroger, Dj Mass & Romaine Willis

Last Thursday saw this big collaba by Kroger, DJ Mass & Romaine Willis complete 6 weeks on top of the YES Home Grown Top 15! Here’s the countdown at a

New Music : Romaine Willis – Jealous

Co produced by Hibshi comes this all new track by Romaine Willis. ‘Jealous’, got its radio premiere on the YES Home Grown Top 15 last night. It sure is a

New Music : Mama Hinahenawa | මම හිනැහෙනවා – Louzy Ft Romaine Willis

Packed with a pretty strong social message comes this all new video from Iraj’s camp. This is rapper Louzy’s first single / music video and it features Romaine Willis. It

New Music : Mama Hinahenawa | මම හිනැහෙනවා – Louzy Ft Romaine Willis

Louzy is a brand new name to Sri Lanka’s rap music scene and by the looks of it, this is his debut single that features Romaine Willis and is produced

News : Kroger, Dj Mass & Romaine Willis Hit Number 1!

It wasn’t too long ago when ‘My Kinda Heaven’ was released to the world thru Senter Records. Yesterday marked the night the single hit number 1 on the YES Home

News : Romaine Willis Gets Back At Number 1!

The former queen of number 1 makes her climb back with week with ‘Milk & Sugar’, her solo studio release. Not familiar with the single? Check it out Here’s the

News : Romaine Willis Stays At Number 1 For A 3rd Week!

Looks like Romaine Willi’s debut studio single ‘Milk & Sugar’ is a pretty strong single, no wonder it completes week 3 on top of Sri Lanka’s only countdown for locally

News : Romaine Willis Hits Number 1 For The Very First Time!

It’s official, singer & performer Romaine Willis hit number with her debut studio effort ‘Milk And Sugar’. This is her first YES Home Grown Top 15 number 1. Not familiar

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Romaine Willis Exclusive On ‘Milk & Sugar’ & More

Singer Romaine Willis is back and this time around from the cozy confinement of a studio! Her debut original release ‘Milk And Sugar’ has been one of the most talked

New Music : Do They Know It’s Christmas | Cover by The Rugrats And Friends

The Rugrats are a fairly new band from the scene that’s been gaining mad momentum and here they are with a very cool take of ‘Do They Know Its Christmas’