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New Music : JJ Twins – You Left Me Here To Die (Lyric Video)

Released a few weeks ago, and a YES Home Grown Top 15 hit is this all new single by the JJ Twins. Taken off their upcoming album, ‘You Left Me

New Music : JJ Twins – There For You (Official Lyric Video)

The twins that are Jason and Julian are back with another love song and this time around, its called ‘There For You’. The single had its radio premiere last night

New Music : JJ Twins – Best Night (Music Video)

The JJ Twins are back with this all new release titled ‘Best Night’. It’s a quintessential them single packed with the love feels.

New Music : JJ Twins – U Smile

The JJ Twins have had an incredible last December, hitting their first number 1 with their seasonal single ‘All I Want Is You This Christmas’. 2023 sees them come back

News : The JJ Twins Hit Their First Number 1!

The JJ Twins finally hit number 1 on the YES Home Grown Top 15 with their first offering for the season ‘All I Want Is You This Christmas’. This is

New Music : JJ Twins – All I Want Is You This Christmas (Music Video)

The first song for the season is here and its by the JJ Twins. Cutesty and just season ready, this is a must add to your season playlist even though

New Music : JJ Twins – Find Me In The River (Music Video)

Here’s a laid back and just an overall nice take of ‘Find Me In The River’ by The JJ Twins. It’s originally sung by Delirious.

New Music : JJ Twins – Heartbreak and Misery (Lyric Video)

Acoustic and packed with feels comes this all new track by the JJ Twins titled ‘Heartbreak And Misery’. See how you dig this!

New Music : JJ Twins – We Stand As One (Official Video)

Another song made for the times we live in by the JJ Twins. ‘We Stand As One’ was released on the 29th of April and was written, produced by Jason

New Music : JJ Twins – Take It To The Ceiling Ft Prince Leone (Visualizer Video)

Jason & Julian aka the JJ Twins are back with this all new EDM / Pop collaba with rapper Prince Leone. Titled ‘Take It To The Ceiling’, this all new