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New Music : Duava – Past Us (Official Music Video)

Taken off his debut album ‘Bahu’, ‘Past Us’ by Duava is such a brilliant offering for 2022. Completed with a video that owns an undeniable 80’s vibe, this is something

New Music : Duava, Saxon Davis – Running (Official Music Video)

That awesome hit music making monster is back with his newest release from his debut album ‘Bahu’! Duava’s newest, ‘Running’ has Saxon Davis on it and the visuals are something!

New Music : Duava – Received (Official Music Video)

September the 8th saw the release of this all new music video by Duava. ‘Received’ is fun, straight up realities and is some pretty good stuff by the 20 something

New Music : Duava, Victor Dysayon – Felt Before (Official Music Video)

Taken off Duava’s debut album ‘Bahu’, ‘Felt Before’ is a proper vibe! The very different (from what we’re used to), laid back single features Victor Dysayon and easily, is one

New Music : Duava – Why We Here (Official Music Video)

Universal, but also very much for Sri Lanka in 2022 is this all new release by Duava. ‘Why We Here’ is empowerment and a reminder of sorts, all wrapped in

New Music : Duava – Lions Forever (Official Lyric Video)

From the heart, and just right for the times is this all new single by Duava titled ‘Lions Forever’.

New Music : Duava, The LJ, Costa – Popstar Status (Official Music Video)

Super catchy, packed with different intensitys and overall a very impressive release by Duava who’s got his manager & rapper The LJ & Costa on this one! ‘Popstar Status’ sure

New Music : Duava, The LJ – Long As I’m Around (Official Music Video)

Packed with some all new energy and featuring his manager / rapper The LJ is this all new single by Duava. Yeah, ‘Long As I’m Around’ sure is one of

New Music : Duava – Pathuwe Obe Sene (Official Music Video)

Released on Friday comes this all new music video / single by Duava. Bi-Lingual and a vibe, this single sure does hit in all the right spots.

New Music : Duava, The LJ, DKM – Anduru Yaame අඳුරු යාමේ (Official Music Video)

Released today comes Duava’s all new debut Sinhala effort! Titled ‘Anduru Yaame’ this single features DKM and rapper The LJ.

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