Stigmata: The Ascetic Paradox Album Launch

Stigmata: The Ascetic Paradox Album Launch

By this time next Sunday, you won’t be dealing with the usual post gig will be either….

1. Shell shocked at the Nagasaki effect this album/new music has on you


Its soooo good, that even Ozzy would pre- order a ton for breakfast! IOHO

2. Still trying to cope up with one of the best concert / album launch gigs you’ve experienced in the country

3. Trying to deal with something greater than a hangover (without the shit effects man)..we’d like to coin this as the “Post Awesome Gig Nostalgia Syndrome” cuz…..

  • You will be left having moments of playback, at a rate.
  • You would be mentally glued onto the new album
  • Your facebook timeline would probably be saturated with a ton of album/concert related posts along with those hashtags #AsceticParadox #Stigmata (technology does give you the go ahead badge for a few things 😉
  • You will know how many epic fans this band truly has, apart from seeing a sea of 15 years of fans that includes mums, toddlers and people who are as good as classy wine….do you recall the poster for “Art of The Saints”? All the finest from those brilliantly talented ladies & gentlemen will be up on display at the exhibition area! YES, this is a first!

art of the saints

  • And finally, all those neck aches would be nothing short of an awesome reminder, that you were part of the Biggest Album Launch in the country that was also in celebration of the Heavy Metal Giants being around for 15 years!

You know what you are in for….we suggest that you get pre-ordering asap to avoid disappointment cuz there’s only so much of space inside the British School Auditorium and with an event of this magnitude….really, just pre order!

Call the hotline already! – 0768960000


FB Event Page


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