Sakwala Chakraya Has An Album Launch & We’re Counting The Days Down!

Sakwala Chakraya Has An Album Launch & We’re Counting The Days Down!

Their debut album – Captain Zero gets dropped this Saturday and by the looks of it, it’s going to be nothing short of an epic night out, that’s if you’re into Rock, Grunge and Post Colonial Trance Punk. As we draw closer to the d-day, we’re going to be highlighting the names who are gonna be bringing their A Game to the event, first up being the Sinhala Rock Band – LOCAL. 

They’ve been garnering attention for all the right reasons – Music that’s in your face and unconventional to stuff that any dad can dedicate to their kid. 

Here’s our top 3 LOCAL Picks, in no order

There’s never a gig without Janaki! 

‘Tharuke’ just got a whole new re-working and we think this one is nothing short of too awesome.

‘Sunakaya’ – how much more in your face can you get? 

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