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Taki Taki – Cover | Stephanie Sansoni

The sweetheart of the Lankan Youtube-spehere has dropped her pretty neat acoustic take of ‘Taki Taki’. See how you dig this!

New Music : Ma Itin Yanna Yanawa (මා ඉතින් යන්න යනවා) – Ridma Weerawardena, Mahiru Senarathne

Here’s an all new take of the classic ‘Ma Itin Yanna Yanawa’ by Ridma and new music arrangements, mixing and mastered by Mahiru Senarathne. The original single is by Sunil

New Music : Mechanic – Emergency (Official Audio)

Released on Sunday comes this all new original effort released by DJ & Producer Mechanic. Heavy, and packed with some serious sonic assault moments, ‘Emergency’ is a must check out