New Music : Lost Soul – Dilip Seneviratne | Piano Solo

New Music : Lost Soul – Dilip Seneviratne | Piano Solo

Released on the 22nd of July comes this all new hauntingly beautiful release by Pianist & composer, Dilip Seneviratne. This is how the single came about
The tune for “Lost Soul” initially came about in 1995, Inspired by a very special soul, gone too soon in the year 1994. For whatever reason, I never got down to recording it at the time. I started off writing a few lines to the melody but it didn’t come off that good. I thought of humming the tune into a tape recorder in case I forgot the melody, but I didn’t need to, since the tune was stuck in my head. I shelved the project for some time and several years later tried adding lyrics to the melody once again, but nothing good came out of it and I gave up on it. A couple of years ago while seated at the piano on one of my mood swings, I started thumping this tune at the piano and then realized that this melody should only be instrumental. But I still never got down to recording it until the lockdown came along. And so here it is 21 years later I finally recorded it’. (source his Youtube channel)

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