Midweek Live Sessions

Midweek Live Sessions

Its back and there’s no reason why you shouldnt check this duo out:

Shamistha De Silva: The sorta singer that owns with prolly one of the fiercest personalities on stage and a voice that could make glass beg for its life 😉

Rav David: He plays guitar and brilliantly, so much so we’ve heard there’s always a secret horde of girls following him from venue to venue. we blame it on his mad guitar skills and his guitar 😛


note: this poster has been used on their event page too (in case you noticed the date and were thinking whaaa?



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Rock N Roll IV

The first rock n roll, experimental, acoustic & hard rock gig of the year 6 bands: Nemesis, Amadeus, Magicians Toolbox, S.E.X, Sakwala Chakraya & Unsung Conflict and two great artists:

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By the looks of it, this is not to be missed and we’re also wondering if this was the gig Sarani spilled about on The YES Home Grown Top 15

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Booka Booka 4

The series is back and this time around there’s a name from Germany’s scene Also playing on the day / night Shiyam.Van Luup.Upul.Jay Vibes.Asvajit.Rachith & Yazz with guest sets from