Midnight Monkey

Midnight Monkey

This is a party jointly organized by Bang Bang and Jambutek Recordings and word has it that most of the “forgotten spaces” in Colombo would be venues to host their future dates.

” Midnight Monkey will take place at the B52 Night Club at the Grand Oriental Hotel, a neglected but well designed club space in the heart of the city that was one of the first hotspots of Colombo’s nightlife scene in the 1970s & 1980s”

Featuring DJ sets by:
Asvajit | www.soundcloud.com/asvajit
Menimal | www.soundcloud.com/menimal
Geve | www.soundcloud.com/g-v
Sunara:-) | www.soundcloud.com/sunara
Curio | www.soundcloud.com/djcurio

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